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Comedy can be learned

The Foundations of your Comedy

Why do a few people become successful comedians while others fail? Do you want to learn how professional comedians build their careers?

In the Basics Comedy course, I go over the mindset that professional comedians have and basic techniques of developing jokes, so that you can lay the foundations for an outstanding performance.

If you are new to comedy or not yet a full-time professional, you are still probably asking yourself these types of questions:

Who am I?

Hi, I'm Rob Spence! 

I have been in the comedy business for 35 years and counting.

I love coaching comedy newcomers and watch them fulfill their dreams of becoming a professional. Many comics with a lot of potential do not manage to get to the next level in their comedy career, because they're missing the perspective of a seasoned coach.

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  • Am I talented enough?

  • Is my material funny enough?

  • Am I smart enough?

  • When can I call myself a comedian?

  • How can I make a living from comedy?

Secrets from a professional Comic

Seize this unique opportunity to listen to the professional advice of a performer in the fourth decade of his career.

This is the kind of perspective that only industry insiders would normally get. You can get it for FREE in the Comedy Basics course.

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