In my comedy course, I teach the mindset and the techniques that all professional comedians need. From developing jokes to laying the foundations for an outstanding performance.

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What's included?

In the Free Comedy Basics, have access to the following:

  • Mental strategies to get rid of the common stumbling blocks of beginner comedians, such as: "I haven't got it", "I am not a good enough writer," "I wasn't a class clown"...
  • Understand what audiences and professionals are looking for, beyond the jokes.
  • How to prepare yourself for the downs you will experience in the journey to become a comedian and how to rise above them.
  • A preview of what Rob's teaching style and ideas is like and decide if this is the right course for you.

Who is Rob Spence?

If you don’t live in Switzerland and you just stumbled upon our Comedy Crash Course, you might be wondering: “wait a minute… Rob who? And what's that got to do with Switzerland?"

Rob started his career in comedy in Sydney as a street performer. He quickly became a regular at “Sydney’s Comedy Store”. From his physical comedy and stand up, he created his first solo show “Comedy Madness”, which he toured on the streets of America and Europe.  While touring, he met Sylvie, from Switzerland, who would become his wife (hence the Swiss connection).

In 1991, after a successful performance at the Montreux Comedy Festival in Switzerland, Rob was invited to play at the legendary Criterion Theater in London. A few months later he opened the television gala of “Just for Laughs” in Montreal, Canada, together with the comedy legend Milton Berle. After a tour throughout North America, he returned to Europe. TV shows and performances in theaters and festivals followed.

In 1993 Rob appeared in Freiburg, Germany, at Europe's largest cultural exchange. He worked on his French and German and became one of the most active comedians on European television shows and in the live comedy scene.

Rob returned to Australia via Los Angeles in 1996, where he appeared in various comedy clubs for six months. He toured for the next two years with his friend, the cult Australian comedian Col Elliot.

After his appearance at the comedy festival “Züri lacht” in 1998, Rob's popularity rose rapidly in Switzerland. He got his own TV show “Rob’s Comedy Club”. For the next two years he moderated 44 shows in which he presented German-speaking stars and the best international comedians from over 20 different countries.

In 2001 Rob joined the very successful German TV «Wochenshow» on SAT1. He took part in the "Wochenshow live tour" throughout Germany and played several times in front of 12,000 spectators.

In 2003 Rob focused again on his live solo shows. With his new program "Odysseus's Odyssey" and toured it around Europe with great success.

In 2006 Rob toured Scotland, Germany and France with his new show "Tierisch". He has been touring in Switzerland and Germany since.

He loves coaching comedy newcomers and watch them fulfill their dreams of becoming a professional. Many comics with a lot of potential do not manage to get to the next level in their comedy career, because they're missing the perspective of a seasoned coach.

You can preview Comedy Basics part 1 for free!

My work as a comedian

Here are some of the one-man-shows I have toured around Europe

  • Comedy Madness Aus Australien
  • odysseus hardcore comedy
  • Tierisch
  • Body Language
  • das Kängumuh
  • Best of Rob Spence
  • Visual Comedy
  • Mad Men
  • Echt Stark

Rob Spence has been featured in:

  • Montreux Comedy Festival
  • Just for Laughs
  • Grand rire de Québec
  • die Wochenshow
  • Arosa Humor Festival
  • Rob's Comedy club
  • Edinburgh Comedy Festival
  • Paris fait sa Comédie
  • Cologne Comedy Festival

Why you need a mentor?

Even professional athletes need a coach. Many comics with a lot of potential do not manage to get to the next level in their comedy career, because they're missing the guidance of a seasoned professional.

Watch the video to find out why I’m sharing my secrets.

What you're going to learn

  • Writing comedy 101

    Tap into your unique sense of humor

  • Rehearsal techniques

    to optimize your time

  • Destroy stage fright

    All you need to do pre-show for peak performance

  • Performance secrets

    for amazing impact

  • Understand the funny business

    Turning belly laughs into fat paychecks

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Included in the course

  • Lifetime membership
  • 70 videos laying out all of Rob's knowledge about building a full length show, rehearsing and performing it
  • Online interface to do your activities
  • PDF summaries for each module
  • Access to newly produced content within the course

Want to know the full course details?

Preview all of our course content below

  • 03

    Module 1: Comedy Basics, Part 2

    • How to use this course?

    • Basics 7: When people do not laugh

    • Don't let a bomb break you down

    • Mental gymnastics

    • Basics 8: The truth about comedy clubs

    • Put your entrepreneur's hat on

    • Basics 9: Are comedians the new philosophers?

    • Get Things Done

    • Module 1 summary (download)

  • 04

    Module 2: Comedy Writing

    • Learning objectives

    • Writing 1 - Introduction

    • Your comedy ideas

    • Writing 2 - It has to be fun for you

    • Your sacred writing time

    • Writing 3 - Determine your humour

    • What makes you laugh

    • writing 4 - Your unique voice

    • Famous comedians

    • Writing 5 - Joke writing basics

    • Complete the sentences

    • Writing 6 - Topics are goldmines of gags

    • Topic Activities

    • Writing 7 -Destroying writers block

    • Writer's block exercises

    • Writing 8 - Finding the funny stuff

    • Exploring the funny 1: Add coloring

    • Exploring the funny 2: embellish it

    • Exploring the funny 3: topping it

    • Exploring the funny 4: bring the monster to life

    • writing 9 - Keeping it overviewable

    • Add in directions

    • Example from Rob's writing

    • Writing 10 - New perspectives

    • Explore new angles

    • Writing 11 - What do they think

    • Interview your closed ones

    • Writing 12 - The power of why

    • How to ask why?

    • Writing 13 - Questions & more questions

    • Ask yourself new questions

    • Writing 14 -Make stuff up

    • Start to use your imagination

    • Writing 15 - Environmental inspiration

    • Experiment with new writing environments

    • Writing 16 - Finding a comedy buddy

    • Schedule some comedy dates

    • Writing 17 - Cut the fat

    • Time to be a darling serial killer

    • Writing 18 - Mining the topics of your life

    • Mine your life for topics

    • Writing 19 - Tragedy plus time equals comedy

    • Drama, drama, drama...

    • Writing 20 - The secret garden

    • Expose your secret garden

    • writing 21 - Opening lines

    • Craft your opening lines

    • writing 22 - Structure

    • Structure a routine

    • Structure your show

    • Writing 23 - Working with writers

    • Writing 24 - Characters

    • Build a character

    • Writing 25 - Physical comedy

    • Develop a physical comedy sketch

    • Writing 26 - 200 questions

    • 200 questions to help you write material

    • Module 2 summary (download)

  • 05

    Module 3: Rehearsal and Learning

    • Learning objectives

    • Rehearsal 1 - Learning the text

    • Your steps to memorization

    • Rehearsal 2 - Mental pictures

    • Practice mental pictures

    • Rehearsal 3 - Stacking

    • Have a go at stacking

    • Rehearsal 4- Memory palace

    • Create your memory palace

    • Rehearsal 5 - Rehearsing

    • Rehearsal 6 - Working with a Director

    • Module 3 summary (download)

  • 06

    Module 4: Stage fright

    • Learning objectives

    • Stagefright 1 - Being Prepared

    • Stage fright 2 - Emotional Vomiting

    • Stage fright 3 - Other techniques

    • Stage fright 4 - EFT

    • Stage fright 5 - Summary

    • Comedy Affirmations video

    • Module 4 summary (download)

  • 07

    Module 5: Performance

    • Learning objectives

    • Introduction

    • Brainstorm Performing opportunities

    • Practice performing with confidence

    • Performance 1 - Work up your material

    • Watch yourself critically

    • Performance 2 - The audience has to like you

    • The audience is your friend

    • Performance 3 - Take the light on stage

    • Imagine yourself in the venue

    • Practice connecting with strangers

    • Performance 4 - Timing

    • Look at your material through the lens of timing

    • Performance 5 - Having a conversation

    • Understand comedians' emotional journey

    • Map your own emotional journey

    • Performance 6 - Actions speak louder than words

    • Learn actions from a famous comedian

    • Performance 7 - Be an original

    • Bring your uniqueness to performance

    • Performance 8 - Dress to kill

    • Try different outfits

    • Performance 9 - Know thy audience

    • Find out what you're walking into

    • Performance 10 - Start strong

    • Master your entrance

    • Performance 11 - Unscripted and new material

    • Control freak? Have a go at improv'

    • Performance 12 - Microphone basics

    • Practice talking into a mic

    • Performance 13 - Breathing - adrenalin - speed

    • Bring awareness to the adrenaline

    • Performance 14 - Body awareness

    • Your body always communicates

    • Performance 15 - Diction

    • Tongue Twisters

    • Performance 16 - Noisy rooms

    • Performance 17 - Difficult rooms

    • Performance 18 - When things go wrong

    • Prepare for difficult gigs

    • Performance 19 - Dealing with hecklers

    • Sharpen your saw against hecklers

    • Performance 20 - Take it to the next level

    • Don't rest on your laurels

    • Module 5 summary (download)

  • 08

    Module 6: Business

    • Learning objectives

    • Business 1 - Comedy Business is a funny business (introduction)

    • Business 2 - Getting initial work

    • Business 3 - Theatres, ships, festivals

    • Business 4 - Agents, managers, producers

    • Business 5 - TV work

    • Business 6 - Blurbs, headshots, posters

    • Business 7 - Handling interview

    • Business 8 - PR and publicists

    • Business 9 - Getting professional help

    • Business 10 - Producing your own gigs: the digital opportunity

    • Business 11 - Producing your own gigs: acquiring venues

    • Business 12 - Producing your own gigs: setting the stage

    • Business 13 - Producing your own gigs: promotion

    • Business 14 - Producing your own gigs: types of shows

    • Business 15 - Producing your own gigs: online content

    • Rob's conclusion

Learn from 35 years of experience in the comedy business

In this course I will mentor you with a highly compacted course so that you don’t need to waste your precious time and resources by learning through trial and error. Don’t get me wrong you need trial and error to be good at anything but with the right direction you’ll compact that into a shorter period.  I’ll pass on the incredible store of wisdom that I have gathered so that you can get into the fast lane and reach your goal, no matter how big or small, in the comedy business. 

I’ll teach you how to use your unique sense of humor to make other people sit on the edge of their seat as they listen to your stories… and fall off it when you get to the punch line.

One of the most important keys to success is having a support structure around you, that can help you create specific, step-by-step strategies for growing your business/dream and increasing your results.